I am a 60 year old artist spending time between Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, Ga.  A year ago, I emerged from a self-imposed 35 year sabbatical from art, with a fresh and fervent passion to paint again. With the time away came artistic clarity. My art is clearly eclectic in style, form and subject. Though, it is bold and hopefully unique, and a world away from the realism and obligatory Florida swamp scenes of my younger years.  It is clear, I have been experimenting with several styles and mediums of art, which I realize does not bode well for consistency and developing a recognizable platform. But, at this point in my life, my painting is for me. For me, and apparently a small sub-set around the world who appreciate the veiled references and symbolism, the artist references and satires. I truly do not care if any of my pieces ever sell. And, I will never intentionally paint a piece with the purpose of attempting to appeal to the masses. All of my artist proceeds from my shows since re-emerging have gone to local animal humane societies. Given that, my art has been well received around the world, and is selling well. 


Thank you,


William Sims 

Exhibitions since "Re-Emerging" in July 2017:

- Solo show - Months of February and March 2018 Gallery Espresso Savannah, Ga.

- Initial public presentation - November 2017- January 2018 - Coniferous Cafe' and Gallery Jacksonville Florida 

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